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Barrio Norte



Barrio Norte represents the northern neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, the largest area of the city which bears witness to the diversity and many cosmopolitan influences of the capital. With its districts like Recoleta, Retiro or Palermo, the city plunges us into an atmosphere, chic, historic and bohemian specific to this atypical and dynamic city.
Rich in Argentine culture and history, the Nunez family naturally wanted to share their love of the country by opening their first restaurant.
In 2010, Guillermo Nunez and Maximo Nunez, father and son duo, decided to embark on a joint project by opening their first Argentinian restaurant in Paris.
The objective of these two generations is to introduce a Parisian clientele to the generosity and friendliness of Argentina, starting with the mastery of the Parillada accompanied by the sunshine of Argentinian wines, dear to all good “porteños”.
Barrio Norte now has three establishments of character. Each place in itself embodies the culinary diversity of the different Barrios of Buenos Aires.
It is with this passion that the Barrio Norte group combines family cooking, bistronomy, street food and internationally renowned wines.

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